How It Works is a free service that connects people to legitimate survey companies that pay for their opinions. Because we work with all of the top survey companies, we are able to connect users with the highest paying and most user-friendly companies.

Once you fill out the quick registration form, you will be shown a list of survey panels that you qualify for. You have a choice of joining as many panels as you would like.

The more demographic questions you answer, the better matched you will be to the fitting survey companies.

We often run custom survey panels that only accept a limited number of people. By answering additional questions, we will be able to see if you qualify for the custom panels we have running at that time. Custom panels incentivize respondents with higher pay because they only accept a certain amount of people into the panel.

We are not making any claims that you will get rich taking surveys, but it is a fun way to spend your time telling companies your opinions on products and services while making extra money doing it.

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